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A gallery filled with Catherine’s silk-screen prints acts like an open-ended storybook. Each image is a new page and in each we encounter a new and different character. Catherine’s considered use of colour, weight of line and texture helps the animal to ‘live’ within each piece. This is no 6 out of an edition of 40 where each screenprint is coloured slightly differently from the others. The frame is a dark brown stained ash which sets off the work beautifully.


Media: Varied edition screenprint
Dimensions: 52 x 53cm
Frame Size: 74 x 76cm


Artist Bio: Catherine Rayner
Catherine employs the use of subtle colour and tone whilst playing with scale, composition and open space to create paintings and silk-screen prints of animals. Her creatures are brought to life using spontaneous and vivacious line that explores movement and personality. With effortless flow Catherine's artwork explores the natural habitat and beauty of creatures many of us take for granted. Facial expressions illustrate curiosity whilst the animals' postures suggest that they have simply strayed into the frame and might just as easily leave it again. An award-winning illustrator and author of children’s books she can regularly be found visiting book festivals to talk about children’s literature and encourage and inspire children to draw, read and write more.

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